Taking a trip to Queensland’s Southern Outback is like stepping back in time. Back to when Australia’s dinosaurs roamed the land and opals were the product of the ancient inland sea.

Eromanga Natural History Museum

The Eromanga Natural History Museum has been 95 million years in the making. The museum showcases internationally significant fossil discoveries such as  Australia’s largest dinosaur. This dinosaur, called Cooper, is:

  • A new genus and species 
  • 30 metres long
  • 6.5 metres high
  • unique to others found in Australia and the world.

Not to mention, this museum showcases various megafauna fossils. Such as the massive Diprotodons.  These giant marsupials carried 70kg joeys in their pouches way back when they roamed Australia with the Aboriginal peoples.


All of these interesting finds happen right here, in Queensland’s Southern Outback.  As a result, Eromanga Natural History Museum excavate this region each year. Once, during the 2-week long dinosaur dig in May and again during the megafauna dig in August.

All in all, a visit to the Eromanga Natural History Museum is an interactive experience where you learn to recognise dinosaur fossils from paddock to laboratory. Hands-on experiences include removing the rock using specialised tools to expose the fossilised bone and talking to locals who dig up the bones and prepare them for display. Learn more at the website.

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For a little bit of luxury in the outback, our onsite accommodation consists of 8, 4-star semi-self-contained rooms. The rooms are located in the arid Australian Outback, allowing you to take in the views and those spectacular Outback Sunsets.

As you can see, there is plenty of things happening at the Eromanga Natural History Museum. For bookings, general enquiries or more information about Australia’s largest dinosaur,  please contact the museum on (07) 4656 3084 or via email to [email protected]

Eulo megafauna experiences

Want more Outback Queensland Dinosaur experiences? Make Eulo a stop on your next outback adventure.

Eulo is a small local community situated an hour away from Cunnamulla and is home to one of the densest MegaFauna fields in Australia! There are a range of activities and experiences in Eulo that will make your trip memorable such as:

  • The life-sized Diprotodon statue 
  • The giant wombats
  • The infamous Lizard Lounge
  • The amazing history lessons about the discoveries of megafauna in the district.

Better yet, make a weekend out of Eulo. Visit the Eulo Queen Hotel for comfortable country accommodation, or experience the great outdoors from the comfort of Eulo’s Caravan Park. Most importantly, make sure you visit Eulo’s Artesian Mud Baths for a relaxing afternoon experience. 

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Opal Fossicking Area

While in Quilpie, spend some time fossicking for beautiful, boulder opals. This free attraction provided by the council can be best described as opal mining – the easy way.

This attraction is suitable for all ages. Therefore, all you need to do is bring your own equipment, or pop into the Visitor Information Centre for a special Quilpie fossicking kit.  Most importantly, no permits are required!

There are many ways within the Shire that you can see the Opal in all its glory and fossick to find your own gem and a lasting precious memory of your time in the Shire! Either visit the beautiful opal altar at St Finbarr’s Catholic Church, or alternatively go and travel to the century old opal mines of Duck Creek and Sheep Station which are situated near the iconic Toompine Hotel. These fields have been worked since the 1880’s and are open to the public, however, a fossicking permit is required.


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