Whether it be mineralised mud baths, therapeutic spas or even Australia’s largest and deepest artesian basin – Queensland’s Southern Outback has it all. So pack your swimmers and your meditation music because here’s your wellness guide to relaxation, rejuvenation and exploration.

Artesian Time Tunnel

The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is one of Australia’s greatest natural wonders. It contains most of Australia’s fresh water and lies beneath nearly a quarter of the continent – stretching from Cape York down to NSW and SA, covering parts of NT, and all of South West Queensland.



The Artesian Time Tunnel is an interactive explanation of the Great Artesian Basin and how it drives economic development in the South West. Spend the day exploring the old mine lift and travel back in time 100 million years ago to see the ancient sandstone rocks that formed part of the Great Artesian Basin.

Learn how the underground river flows through one-fifth of inland Australia and discover the ancient animals and dinosaurs that roamed the land millions of years ago. 


The Artesian Time Tunnel is only the start of what you can experience in the Paroo Shire. 


Contact the team at the Cunnamulla Fella Visitors Centre and start planning your journey to outback Queensland. 

Artesian Mud Baths

If you enjoy a more rejuvenating experience, slip into Eulo’s mineral-rich outdoor artesian mud baths and relax as you soak in ancient artesian clay. The mud springs are rich in rejuvenating minerals that have come from the underground pressures of the Great Artesian Basin. 


It is an opportunity to clear your mind, relax your body, and let your skin soak in nature’s own unique formula.


Enjoy the fresh air, a glass of wine and even a plate of nibbles. You can even experience an outback sunset from the comforts of your tub. You’ll never want to bath inside again!

St George BATHS (Balonne Artesian Thermal Hot Springs)

For a more therapeutic experience visit St George (BATHS). The thermal pool is open year-round for you to enjoy the artesian spring water heated to 34 degrees.

The St George BATHS are a great place to stop for a relaxing swim and to revitalise your body and mind while travelling. The facility provides easy access for all, featuring a ramp and rail to enter the therapeutic waters.

Balonne, spa

Mitchell Great Artesian Spa

Looking for a sweet escape from modern day stresses? Visit Mitchell’s Great Artesian Spa to experience the secrets of relaxation.


The Great Artesian Spa comprises two large pools (one heated, one cool) and has been designed for easy access – so everyone can enjoy! The pools are filled with mineralised water drawn directly from the Great Artesian Basin, meaning they are not only great for the muscles, but also relaxing for the mind and soul. 


Open 7 days a week, Mitchell’s Great Artesian Spa has something everyone can enjoy. Discover more ways to make the most of nature in Mitchell right here.


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